Welcome to Abhyuday Sahodaya

Abhyuday Sahodaya

Welcome to Abhyuday Sahodaya, Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden.

Our Vision

To grow together using the best integrated platforms molded by the realization of common academic, social and co-scholastic goals. To inculcate an environment based on mutual respect, union of ideas and a strong network of resources. To work together to strengthen universal values of acceptance, compassion and inclusivity, aiming for a whole-rounded development of all the stakeholders. .

Our Mission

For Students: To encourage a sense of inquisitiveness in students through efficient teaching techniques, protect their developmental needs and guide them to lead a value driven life.

For Members: Build a forum of talented and creative educators, and provide them with fertile environment to exchange ideas and enhance their skills.

For Schools: to ensure that schools continue to evolve as a learning organization and to mutually grow as a leader in a knowledge dominated world.

For Community: To be sensitive to the needs of the society and aim toincrease our scale of impact on our community. .

Our Objectives

* To encourage professionalism among teachers and educational innovativeness among institutions.

* To encourage sharing of experiences and best educational practices.

* To promote inter-school partnership and initiate inter-school competition and activities.

* To promote academic collaboration through teacher exchanges, common science fairs, joint seminars, workshops, trainings, exchanging ideas and creating and exchanging subject wise question bank etc.

* To invite experts in the field of education for deliberations and conferences.

* To bring all dedicated educators on a common platform with the dual intention of facilitating peer relations as well as serving as an efficient channel of communication between the schools & CBSE.